Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dollhouse: Man on the Street

I'm really behind on posting—and it occurred to me it was already Thursday. So Dollhouse dish. I know you've probably blended and stewed (is that a mixed metaphor?) all you can over last week's amazing episode... but let's cook up some theories in the comments.

Today's kitchen-esque talk, by the way, is brought to you by the mind-blowingly well done fight between our Echo and FBI Paul through the Chinese Take Out kitchen and over a parked car. Yummy!

Good hair for Topher, and excellent call by Sarah K on Gyspy Skirt is an evil spy. Anyone else think it's suspicious that so many dolls are paying attention to FBI Paul? Clearly he is a considerable threat to the LA House.

No spoilers but the DVR guide synopsis for tomorrow's episode is exciting! Backstory! Plot! However, it's next week that has me biting my nails...


Sarah K said...

Well, when someone is paying attention to your highly illegal and immoral organisation, it pays to have at least a couple of sleeper agents detailed to him. I'm not sure so far whether the hope is that they will dissuade him from his assignment [that isn't his assignment since he's been suspended because Echo shot a cop with his gun], or whether the hope is that he'll actually uncover something.

If you didn't want him involved anymore, there are plenty of ways to get him out of the picture that wouldn't tie back in any apparent fashion to the Dollhouse.

SO. Who changed Echo's imprint? Did someone sneak in while Topher was talking to Boyd? Or is the reason Topher sent Ivy [the assistant, I think that's her name] to check the lunch menu so that he could put that part in? Or is he just so megalomaniacal that he doesn't want anyone else being able to do precisely what it is that he does, and it was in fact a third-non-Alpha party that imbedded that message?

I don't ever know anything about the upcoming episodes since I download and the trailers are never included. Can't wait to have this in a nice DVD set.

I liked the phone call from Adele that turned Mellie into vicious killer, and then turned her back to sweet Mellie.

I am also keen to learn how Paul will feel once he learns that Mellie is a doll. I mean, the imprints think that they are real people too, right? So what will that do to their survival instinct if they learn that they are just a programmed person?

Chandra Rooney said...

Here's a question about sleepers... the other two Eastern Europeans, y'know, the ones who shot Paul. Actual gangsters or sleeper dolls we didn't know about? Otherwise I question how Victor who isn't always that persona could infiltrate their organization. Too many factors, too many opportunities to see him as someone else or try to reach him when he wasn't imprinted.

So now I am saying conspiracy, because the House has proven to have the resources and the creepy love of monitoring and controlling society.

...maybe they're run by aliens. I'd like that. Cowboy aliens.

Sarah K said...

Part of Victor's imprint was to be connected with the mobster-ish people. Just because he isn't always around doesn't mean much. It could easily be explained as having done a favour once, and then calling it in. It could mean that Adele pulled strings with people that had used the Dollhouse service before. It could just mean that Victor made a call to the right people and said 'this agent is bad news for your illegal-mafioso organisation'.

In other words, I can think of many ways in which to make that particular set-up not so questionable. Does that mean it isn't? Absolutely not.

I'll vote for the Cowboy aliens too, but only if they all carry six-shooters and have a piece of straw hanging out the side of their mouths.

Chandra Rooney said...

I think I'm just over-looking for the conspiracies now.

Sarah K said...

Well, as far as conspiracies go - I read an idea somewhere that this bit with Echo's imprint being tampered has nothing to do with Alpha.

Two separate entities wanting to mess with the Dollhouse? I can buy that. I don't know if I believe that yet, but I can definitely buy it.

Sarah K said...

I suddenly want to re-watch Blade Runner. Really lots.

Chandra Rooney said...

I want it to be Topher. I know it likely isn't, but I think people wouldn't expect it.

I mean, I do. But I also found this week's episode ("Echoes") to be utterly hysterical.

Sarah K said...

I would like it to be Topher because I'd like to see him break out of the child-genius mold I see him as having been raised in. He's brilliant, but saying that he is emotionally immature is somewhat of an understatement. I'd be pleasantly surprised if Topher's posturing and insensitivity turns out to be an act to cover his double-agentness.

Also on the Topher as the mole tangent - he could be a semi-unwilling one. Caught between the proverbial rock and hardplace himself, the way vice cops get the dealers they catch to flip on their suppliers, etc. And he is pretty terrified of Alpha.

On the other [probably more likely] hand, it isn't Topher at all. I just like the idea that the moment that made everyone go 'Gee I wonder what happened when Topher had his back turned' really wasn't anything to be all 'gee' about because Topher had done that himself.

So [unless ECHOES let slip who the mole is] who are we thinking is the most likely culprit?

Chandra Rooney said...

Likeliest suspects are Dr. Fred and Topher's Assistant.

Sarah K said...

Dr. Fred? Was she even in that episode?

Not that it makes a difference since it was off-screen, but hrm. I had not considered that.

Chandra Rooney said...

I'm not certain it's either of them, but I wouldn't find either character being revealed to be involved as huge shock.

However, I wouldn't find Topher a shock. Or Mr. Dominick. Or even Adele or Doyle. I guess what I'm saying is everyone on the show seems capable of duplicity.

Sarah K said...

I agree with you on the duplicitous front.

When you say Doyle do you mean Boyd? Or are you talking about someone else?

Chandra Rooney said...

Yes, Boyd! Why did I say Doyle? It must have been because there's an "oy" in each of them and I still have The Sweet Far Thing on the brain.