Monday, March 02, 2009

Dollhouse: Stage Fright

All right, since it aired on Friday, I expect you have all watched Dollhouse Ep 3 and we can begin discussing it in the comments.

1) I felt my new TV boyfriend, Topher Brink, was super stylish this episode. At first I questioned the plaid mixed with plaid, but great colors for him.

2) All episodes from hence forth must contain musical numbers.

3) Gasp! Did you see you that little FBI Paul plotline twist coming? I did not.


Chandra Rooney said...

If you guessed both of them, you're right! Although technically, only Audra (wearing more clothes) is the doll in frame.

Rachel said...

I have to admit, I almost really liked it this week.

Natasha said...

Did you see Echo shake her head at the end? Am I reading too much into it?

Natasha said...

Also....I am loving this show. I love the concept.

Chandra Rooney said...

I did Natasha! They seem to be suggesting that Echo is compiling like Alpha did.

You know what I find curious? In the hypothetical sitation that this technology exists, why has the private "entertainment" sector got it when it has obvious military/government agency application. Is the Dollhouse an NSA/CIA/MI6 test run?

Natasha said...

She seems to be remembering more and more.
AND I wonder if there are two "dollhouses". One for the "entertainment" sector, and one for the military (or is the military making money on the side? LOL)
so many options
I can't wait until Friday!

Sarah K said...

In that last scene when Echo shook her head at Sierra, its not just Echo that is self-aware - after all, Sierra altered the direction she was going to move towards Echo on her own. So Sierra recognised something in Echo as much as Echo recognised a need to be discreet.

Which is awesome.

I sort of did see the Ballard twist coming, if by twist you mean the Victor issue [I figured either his informant or the girl across the hall had to be a Doll]. If you mean the bullet to the gut issue, no, I did not see that coming. Although when that happened and Mr. B. was shocked I had to remind him that Joss Whedon likes to torture his audience by killing off characters that we adore.

I really enjoyed this episode.

I think perhaps if the technology exists that this is a mis-appropriation of the technology, which is why it is so hush-hush. If it were military in any way, I would imagine Ballard would be moved to a different case entirely and this one closed.

Although it being military funded on the side and dishonestly... that is possibility.

Chandra Rooney said...

I didn't expect it would be Victor... but the bullet to the chest was less traumatic for me.

Maybe the "attic" is the military side of things?

Does any of this strengthen/weaken the FBI Paul Doll theory?

Sarah K said...

I thought back to a couple of episodes, and Ballard is a Doll theory doesn't hold up. Since his investigation is the reason that precautions are being dealt with.

But I liked the notion a lot. It would explain why no-one saw anyone drop off the envelope with photos of Caroline on his desk, not to mention would just be hilarious. I like the idea of a split personality in which one persona acts as secret incognito informant to the other.

I know what the Attic is, sort of, because I found it by accident in an interview with the dude that plays Topher.

My big question concerning the story overall: Where do they acquire these personalities from that Topher creates the imprints from?

Chandra Rooney said...

First episode said the personalities were composites of real people. (Usually dead.) Ergo, why Echo recognized the kidnapper.

Sarah K said...

But how did they acquire the personality data? They had the personality of the girl who killed herself from before she killed herself [at least that is the impression that I got]. So, do they randomly kidnap people, photocopy their personality and memories, and then send them on their way? I don't remember anything being said about the people they got the personalities from being dead, other than the one from Ghost who recognised the kidnapper. I guess I have to rewatch.

Chandra Rooney said...

I think I got that idea from Ghost, so it's probably not the case.

More likely the Dollhouse has a personality quiz scam. If it's all programmed data, it's not necessary to have "scanned" the original people's minds?

Sarah K said...

All I know is, other than the actual Mysterious Mystery [as you put it], this is the main thing I want to figure out.

Chandra Rooney said...

What concerns me about Dollhouse is the Mysterious Mystery and Toper are all that keep me watching.

I don't actually care about Echo. At all. She could die and it would just leave me miffed that I didn't get to see if she was going to massacre her keepers. That's the downside of what Joss is doing with the series--you give the "main character" no personality of her own and it's hard to be endeared to her.

So we need some tasty tidbits about Caroline. And more Topher.

Sarah K said...

I can't say that I don't care about Echo. I don't tend to care about the imprints that they give her, but Echo herself, I find amusing. I also enjoy seeing her evolve when its understood that she isn't supposed to. AND, I want to know what it is Caroline had done that made her desperate enough to have signed up for the Dollhouse.

Topher amuses me, but Dr. Saunders interests me more as far as Dollhouse staff go. Topher seems to enjoy what he's doing - he takes pride in it. Dr. Saunders seems to have a nebulous distaste for what's going on. I'm also interested to see why Ballard's neighbour across the way is included, other than her extreme cuteness.

Speaking of her [I don't know her name], how did she know to look for Ballard in the hospital? Is that just a plot hole that they left in order to show us her concern and interest? Is it supposed to further imply she's adorable *and* a stalker? Although, I suppose it's only really a plothole if she isn't either a stalker of some variety.

questions questions questions.

That's why I keep watching.

Chandra Rooney said...

I think why I'm having trouble with Echo is that I'm not a huge fan of Eliza Dushku. She's very talented, but she's not my most favorite person to watch on TV. Which is why I'm enjoying the other characters more.

As for stalker neighbor... maybe she is Paul's emergency contact? Obviously she knew Victor was threatening Paul... she caught the dude trying to break into Paul's apartment. OK which then makes us all wonder why she wouldn't tell Paul "I think you're going to get your ass kicked if you go here."

Sarah K said...

She's Paul's emergency contact, and then when she showed up at the hospital and found him by SEARCHING THE ROOMS she wasn't allowed in by the guard posted?

Also, Paul didn't get his ass kicked when he went to the place Victor told the neighbour about, that was the conversation on the balcony. Victor called Paul himself about the 'lead' that led to him getting shot.

Seems unlikely.

And I hear you on the Eliza thing. I can't help but think that it would be more fun to watch someone else play the role. Like, maybe she and Sierra should switch roles. But I'm still liking her.

Chandra Rooney said...

See? I wish I could retain this information, so I could help form theories.

Have you watched Reaper yet?

Natasha said...

LOL I feel like I need to watch all the episodes again, cause I seem to have missed stuff! :D LOL

Sarah K said...

we haven't started Reaper yet because our XBox had to take a vacation to the Fulfillment Centre to get un-redringofdeath-ified. I expect it to return to us enlightened and very zen in general.

I will wait til it gets back to us so I can stream my dowloaded teevee to the xbox instead of watching it on the laptop.

We did finish Gurren Lagann in about twentyfour hours though.

I totally encourage rewatching of episodes! Once you know what's coming, its a lot easier to pick up on cues and subtext.

Chandra Rooney said...

I should start the Gurren Lagann posts so we can all talk about how it changed our lives.

Sarah K said...

The most dramatic change that Gurren Lagann has had on our lives is in boosting our need to answer questions with 'WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?", no matter what the question.

Chandra Rooney said...

Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I think of the espresso machines at work as Gurren and Lagann.

Sarah K said...


Chandra Rooney said...

Do you think I'd get fired if I tried to make them?

Sarah K said...

I think the more important question is Would it be worth getting fired?

I think you know that the answer is yes.