Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fragile Eternity trailer & Reaper

Sometimes mailing lists are really, really cool.

Cannot wait for this book!

Did we all enjoy the season premier of Reaper? I know I did. Of course, I have a few concerns. Being in Find The Plot Hole mode due to my revisions, I couldn't help but notice a Lack of Sam's Mother. You think after a road trip you'd check in. Get your laundry done. That sort of thing.


Also I can infer from what happened in the final scene that the vessel was returned to Hell. When you're covering a lot of ground in anything, you have to decide what to Tell and what to Show. This seemed a neither—more of an Implied.

Maybe it's just Dollhouse making me suspicious. In all fairness, it needs to find its feet and wow us... probably around episode six. I'm just letting you know, Dollhouse, that you're a nice little show but you're no Reaper.

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