Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day & Dollhouse 5: True Believer

Running a bit behind this week, so it's a combo post. I've got to get ready for the signing at Chapters this afternoon.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Dollhouse news: yesterday, TST (Taffy Standard Time) was referenced two or three times at work, as there's three of us eagerly following this new Whedon venture. So victory for the 'house in that regard.

Now, for True Believer. I think this was a pretty good episode looking back on it more than I did while viewing. Not the fault of the episode—I'd just seen Watchmen and I was in a bit of a "I did 35 minutes ago" fog.

Anyway. It was a good episode. I laughed out loud at "man-reaction." Looks like those doll keepers are just really ill-prepared for things. Like they've trusted their tech completely and the core-brain/libido are out-witting them. Although the stone in the pond has shifted from Echo to Sierra, as it was her arrival at the house that created all these ripples.

Theory? Alpha's composite was set in motion with Echo's arrival. Probably doesn't hold up in the long run, unless there's been several composites before. (Could this be the purpose of "the Attic?")

Back to True Believer: the episode definitely works to push ahead the mythos and season arc. We appear to have seeded larger later events—perhaps the most intriguing of which is a meeting of FBI Paul and Echo.

Religious metaphors do not hide how the Garden was a lot like the Dollhouse. Except faith had been used instead of technology.

Topher had really good hair.

Gypsy Skirt neighbor across the hall bothers me. I don't trust her cooking...


Sarah K said...

That girl is always with the full pan of left overs. How does she afford to sit around and wait for Ballard to get home so she can offer him trays of lasagna and whatever-it-was-this-week.

I think we're supposed to think she's cute, but with so much dark on the show, she just seems like she doesn't fit. This isn't a bad thing, it's just a contrast. And I like it. But I've been suspicious of her since the beginning. She's too cute in a show of not so much cute. She sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm waiting to see where they're going with her [more importantly, I'm curious if I'm right about her, and she's another doll].

By the time you read this I will have seen you at Chapter's and gotten two books signed! Exciting!

Overall, I liked True Believer [I wasn't aware that was the name of the show]. I especially enjoyed how that ATC [?] officer turned around and was a jerk to Ballard at the end. He spent the whole episode doing things without much regard to the rules, and then cited the rules back to Ballard when things hadn't gone his way.

I was about to write about a quibble I had with the episode, but in typing it out I worked out a sound reasoning as to why it was nothing to quibble about.

And Mr. B and I had to put the episode back after 'man-reaction' because we laughed so hard we missed a bunch of dialogue.

Danne Cole said...

I freakin, yes freakin! love this show!!!! :)

Chandra Rooney said...

Was your quibble, S, about how Echo's magic brain fixed her eyes? I think I misunderstood how that worked, because it wasn't the imprint right? Dr. Fred actually did something to Echo's eyes?

That was the only part of the episode where I felt like I'd missed something.

Sarah K said...

The machine in Echo's brain that made her blind got knocked loose when what's-his-nugget hit her. That wasn't an imprint malfunction, that was a case of not treating your equipment with due care. Something like that could have caused an aneurism [Doctor Not-Fred said something to the effect that this particular procedure could cause brain-death-explosions. But she said it with medical words]. So its just 'lucky' that it merely allowed her to see again.

I can't even remember what my issue was now. Maybe if I rewatch the episode....

Chandra Rooney said...

Ok, that was what I missed. Maybe it was a "miracle" that it didn't cause brain-explosions?