Monday, April 13, 2009

Dollhouse: A Spy in the House of Love

First off, I will say that Planet of the Dead—the Doctor Who Easter special—was enjoyable. Sort of a nice comedy with some cool elements. A few great lines, wonderful imagery and a fabulous female lead role. Plus, Ten's hair was in fine form.

I'm tempted to send a memo to Russell T Davies, as I know he's a big Joss Whedon fan, that if you want to know what to do with a "special" when you only have 4 of them instead of a full season, watch Dollhouse episode 9: A Spy in the House of Love.

A Spy in the House of Love packed about two or three episodes' worth of stuff into one:

1) Adele is Victor's repeat client Ms Lonely Hearts.

2) Echo knows about imprints and asked Topher to make it so she could help find the NSA spy.

3) NSA spy was Mr. Dominick.

4) The Attic is creepy.

5) Ivy's role was to be a red herring and Dr. Fred wasn't the spy, either?

6) Boyd is the new head of security. Echo got a new handler named Travis.

7) Paul now knows about Mellie.

8) What is the purpose of the Dollhouse?

Pick one and discuss.

I'm going to focus on Paul. By telling him about Mellie instead of him finding out about Mellie, the impact of that reveal is lessened. Why I mention it, is because very little screentime was given to Paul's reaction. In fact, he didn't seem to have much of one. I'm sure this is so he could maintain his cover, but are we going to get to see him break some stuff week or should I conclude that Topher has more emotional depth?


Sarah K said...

I wouldn't say that Paul didn't have much reaction. He looked pretty horrified when November kicked back in as Mellie, and Mellie didn't give it much thought, and didn't give him much choice as to what was going to happen next [read: she wanted those smooches].

I felt really bad for Paul, but moreover, I was a little horrified [though not surprised] that it seemed that he would keep up that front with Mellie. Becoming someone he'll have a hard time living with.

I pick 3. to discuss:

Dominic was the NSA spy, but his goal was to keep the Dollhouse from exposing itself. At least, that's what I understood from his conversation with Adelle. So, how and why would he have been sending messages to Paul through the Actives, if he was, as he said, the one that had kept Paul off their trail? The one sort of negates the other, doesn't it?

I theorise that someone was using that NSA technology unbeknownst to Dominic to imprint the messages into Echo and November. Afterall, November told Ballard, 'we'll find another way to contact you'. That kind of implies that there is still someone within the organisation, they just won't be able to use the chair anymore.

And I figured out the LonelyHearts thing a few minutes before the reveal, and then started doubting myself when the lady that opened the door was not Adelle.
All in all, LOVED this episode. I wanted to rewatch it again as soon as it was over.

Chandra Rooney said...

Yeah, Paul is becoming like one of those nasty Rossum folks.

That's my concern. It's counterproductive to claim you kept the FBI off the trail and yet be encouraging Paul to continue his investigation.

Do you think Dr. Fred or Ivy is the other person? (Like it was easy to fabricate the file on Ivy because she DOES work for the NSA?)

Sarah K said...

I'm not sure who else it might be, if anyone. It could just mean that Alpha was using the NSA tech in a way that Dominic hadn't considered. I suppose there doesn't necessarily *need* to be a second mole.

But you're Ivy theory would make sense. Except that I really don't think that she has the spy stuff in her.

I think basically what I'm trying to say is that I think it's possible that there is someone else within the Dollhouse, but that I can't even begin to guess at who it might be.

Chandra Rooney said...

Agreed. Plans for the no-house time? Watch Reaper? Be introduced to Doctor Who? You watched the Baker ones when you were a kid, didn't you? (He was the doctor with the crazy hair and scarf.)

Sarah K said...

I did watch the Doctor with the crazy hair and scarf [man I still love that scarf!]. I don't know exactly what will happen during the Dollhouse blackout, but the Mummabear will be in town, so she'll probably decide.

Although, Mr. B. and I are both up for Reaper, and I'm sure I could persuade him to watch your favourite doctor. Where does Christopher Eccleston land in the Doctor line-up? Because he's an actor I really like, and I think I wouldn't mind seeing his incarnation either.

Chandra Rooney said...

Chris is Nine, and a natural entry point to the series as it was the 2005 reboot. :)

Danne Cole said...

I'll pick the lonelyhearts to discuss. I think that, basically, Adelle is doing the same thing to Viktor as Sierra's previous handler was doing to her. Rape is still rape even if its the boss and she's having him imprinted to play along!

My husbands fav part though was Echo in the dom outfit.She did look smokin' though so can't really blame him! LOL!!