Wednesday, April 08, 2009

History is your friend

Yesterday was spent in Research Mode, which involves my poor friends being told snippets of historical information with no preamble as to why I happened across them.

Things like the critic Higgins disdained Oscar Wilde's behavior in an article called "Unmanly Manhood." (Seriously, I don't even have to make the reference.)

Or Aubernon Herbet, an anarchist, was the younger brother of Secretary of the State of the Colonies, Henry Herbert, who put forth the British North America Act in 1867 that led to the creation of Canada. Which was a direct response to the Manifest Destiny proclamation of America.

Or of the items looted from the White House in 1814, only two were ever recovered.

History is facts—or the victor's version of them—but the magic is in the details, the connections between and behind those facts. That's where the story lives. Finding it is panning for gold—dipping your pail into those dates and gently shifting through the events shifting until you see something that sparkles.


Sarah K said...

I totally want to read that article about Oscar Wilde [who is my effeminate historical boyfriend. There, I answered the question in the last post too. Zombie Oscar can munch my brain, provided he thinks its pretty enough].

Sarah K said...

Also, right now I'm in the 'Manipulating current facts in order to create a history for my future' Mode. It's fun.

Just wait until I tell you about the Pope.

Chandra Rooney said...

I found you a little something for your birthday today. I hope you will enjoy it's awesome.

Chandra Rooney said...

PS Manipulating facts in order to create the history for your past is AWESOME.

I look forward to hearing about the pope... because future story's are intriguing...

Sarah K said...

I love things that are awesome!