Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poll the Audience

As I am working on REFLECTIONS (aka Book the Third) and working a dayjob that I'm determined to give more of my attention to—y'know because they pay me to be there—I'm running a little low on blogspiration. It's been suggested that it could be entertaining if once a week or so I turned the blog over to a character to run.

The character being Ethanael, who is sulking at having been usurped as the secondary narrator for REFLECTIONS. Before anyone brings up the myriad dangers of allowing the Prince of Fortune a soapbox, let me point out this is far less perilous than signing him up for facebook. (A blog entry a week requires less energy to moderate.)

My question is, dear reader, what would you find more interesting:

(1) Entries about what Ethanael has been doing instead of narrating Book the Third. (General day to day things, with the humor being that nothing Ethanael does is really "general." )

(2) Topical entries—like writing advice.

(3) Some kind of narrative.

(4) Alternative suggestion made in comments.



That Girl said...

OMG. (1) (1) (1) :D

John Evans said...

1 with a hint of 3, perhaps?

Sarah K said...

I'm all for 1.

Although anything Ethanael has to say about anything would be interesting.

I'm particularly curious about what sort of writing advice he'd give. Would it all be in musical notation?

Chandra Rooney said...

I asked him how to get an agent once and he replied "with a tranquilizer gun and a very big net."

Sarah K said...

That's advice that mentally unstable could definitely get results from.

Rachel said...

Ethanael deserves a book all his own. That's what I think. I worship at the feet of the crazily whimsical one.