Monday, April 27, 2009


(Yes, I know it's Lelouch. Just pretend it's Oliver—they have very similar hair.)

People sometimes ask me why I'm not on Twitter or why I slacked off on my livejournal or don't go to deviantART anymore. It's pretty simple: I know a distraction when I see one. For example, today I start Book the Third's zero draft. I've written two sentences, then gone to facebook to put on my status that I'm starting chapter one, then come here to do a blog post about it.

Could you imagine me on twitter? I'd never get anything accomplished. It would just be a means to avoid writing until someone called for me to do something or it was time to go to work. Life is noisy enough without 140 character bursts of additional static.

The whole trick to starting a new Runa and Valentine book for me is tuning out the noise and locking onto the story's signal. Oh... I think I just Ethanael-spoke those last two lines. Sorry, he's upset about not getting to be the secondary narrator for REFLECTIONS.

Oliver is up and I'm a little daunted about finding that characterizing voice that won't be quite as... distinct as Ethanael's. Plus, I'm contemplating changing the ratio so that the secondary narration is not interludes but alternating POV chapters, which means that Oliver would get a lot more "screentime." (Thus, he would need to be rather more easy to read than Ethanael.)

But I'll worry about all of that when I get to chapter two....


Rachel said...

I agree. No Twitter for me. I already need to wean myself from crackbook.

Sarah K said...

Sometimes I think twitter would be fun, since really, Twitter is just the distilled version of Facebook that I enjoy most: Status updates.

On the other hand, the vast majority of my friends have no interest in Twitter, so what would the point in my jumping on that bandwagon be, right?

Chandra Rooney said...

Liz wants Ethanael to get a twitter account. I have expressed that 140 characters isn't enough. You'd never get a sense of WTF he was talking about.

I do debate letting him blog every couple weeks for me while he's not getting to be the secondary narrative voice.

Sarah K said...

Ethanael posts would be a lot of fun!