Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Win at Writing

Book Expo America kicks off today with the Writer's Digest BEA Conference, one of North America's leading writing conferences. You could pay $199 to go to this conference and attend seminars and pitch to agents/editors. If you've never attended a writing conference, it'll be worth your time and costs.

I've attended numerous conferences, me, and I find it's largely like reading blogs about writing. A lot of people will tell you basically the same thing in their own words. Every once in a while it's always good to hear those things because as we get busy and distracted, we lose perspective.

So here you are:

1) The secret to writing is writing.

2) As Neil Gaiman said once "write the book that only you can write."

3) As Ghandi would have said if he'd been a novelist: "write the book that you want to read."

No need to pay me the registration fee. Spend it on books and barista tips instead, yeah?


Karen Mahoney said...

Best blog post EVER. Dude, this is awesome. I am on blog hiatus right now, but I'm going to stick this on Twitter and make sure people come and read it. :)


Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, Kaz!

I got caught up and distracted and full of doubts and forgot these three secrets, so I thought it was time to remind myself, too.

Although... maybe we can ask Rinda if she'll put "write the book you want to read" on some mugs and stuff for us. :)

That Girl said...

I'm totally posting this over my computer.

Leigh said...

Very insightful advice! Conferences serve a lot of purposes, such as face to face networking, but those panels and such where you get writing tips can be boiled down to these few things. :)