Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Chronograph

The Chronograph had another name, a name your people gave it. When the ginormous tower remained in our world, we gave it a new name. No need to keep calling what's ours by one of yours.

It still thunders occasionally. Nasty thing. Scared most of us the first time, but we're used to it now. Good try on your part. A plus for effort, as Avalon would say.

I remember before Val, when Avalon stood by the Chronograph and counted. Avalon was still a bit human then—he did strange things more often. He still does strange things now, but they better fit his tempo. After he stood and counted, he told me that the great clock was slow. He sounded upset about it. Apparently he liked wondering if an Inspiration storm was coming at regular instead of semi-regular intervals.

"So this is it." Dante tips his head so he can look up. "It's massive. I'm surprised it can't be seen from the Far Reaches."

He shouldn't be. Surprised. Just because there isn't any visible thing taller than the Chronograph between it and his home doesn't mean that he should be able to see. There are plenty of things that aren't visible—or are just waiting for a chance to become seen.

"Is it the same on each side?" He looks like he might want to investigate.


People like Dante and Avalon are very interested in how things work. The Chronograph may even be a good enough distraction to keep Dante from realizing Stellina isn't anywhere near here.

I lied to him about meeting her. We'll meet her. Eventually. Probably. It leans toward inevitable given her habit of finding us. But she isn't the reason we're here.

I guess I lied to you about that, too.


Sometimes things of importance have little, faint beats and when my rhythm crosses over them, those beats intensify. They pound in strong, vibrant bass. It happens during particularly resonant harmonies. But this one has the subtle hiss of white noise. Not something I hear very often. It has me curious.

Without Val or Avalon around, curiosity's the most interesting friend I've got. Just slightly more than Dante. He, after all, is becoming a regular occurrence. Not Knowing is still relatively new. Wondrous. Dangerous.

What gamer could walk away from the almost certainty of an adventure?


Sarah K said...

Is the Chronograph Big Ben?

I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AT THE CHRONOGRAPH. *ahem* I look forward to discovering what happens next, I mean.

That Girl said...

Sarah, that was my guess as well. :)

Chandra Rooney said...

I know what the Chronograph is because Avalon told me.

John Evans said...

At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, they have a tower. On each side of the tower is inscribed a letter...G, A, T, C.

Ethanael said...

What does GACT mean?