Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When in doubt, look to for content.

No, seriously, I think is another one of those articles that every writer should read. I want to point out there are several other articles I read that I don't pass on to other people. Not everyone who stumbles across this blog is interested in how web is creating a new breed of global collectivism or why I can't wait to sign up for Google Wave.

But this one is a short piece on the future of books as proposed by Clive Thompson that puts the emphasis not on publishing methods but reading methods. I think we all need to consider how digital media—including films and television—is changing the way we tell stories and how social networking is altering how we interact with those stories.

I also recommend you check this out, as Cory Doctorow is the dude who gives his books away for free. Plus lets people create alternate type-settings and do other cool stuff. If it wasn't up against Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, I'd tell you that Little Brother is going to win the Hugo for Best Novel this year. It still may. I'd be happy for either author, as they're both exceptional novels.


KT said...

Cory Docterow's usual internet hangout BoingBoing also tends to be a good source of interesting articles.

I still need to read Little Brother.

The wired article is interesting, I think the guy is right and combined with me being back on a Fate/Stay Night kick kinda makes me pine for really well written 'visual novel' or even old school text adventures or choose your own adventure books.

Another interesting development on the reading on screen/e-reader issue, is that while colour e-ink is a long way off still (although it has been bought up by someone who seems to be planning on taking it that way a bit quicker), there's also things like Pixel QI that could bridge the gap between e-readers and computers even faster...

Chandra Rooney said...

All I ask of ereaders is color for our comics and an interface that looks nothing like windows vista.