Monday, August 10, 2009

Anticipation: Where to Find Me

As Leah Bobet has posted her schedule, I am reminded I ought to post my own. Dated Aug 10th, so that it should remain at the top of the blog until after Anticipation is over.

Thursday @ 7pm, P-516E
First Contact: What will the Neighbors Think? with Brad Templeton (M), Chandra Rooney, Elizabeth Bear, James Strauss, James Stanley Daugherty
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Teen Programming
"We’ll examine perceptions and preconceptions. What would aliens think about our planet, our society, and our lives? Imagine you’ve come to Earth, or Canada, for the first time; what do you see? What do you experience?"
The answer being: Chips and adventures, please! (OMG, Elizabeth Bear!)

Thursday @ 9 pm, P-511BE
East Meets West: Chandra Rooney, Derwin Mak (M), Gord Sellar, June M. Madeley, Feòrag NicBhrìde, Lila Garrott-Wejksnora, Hiroaki Inoue
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
"Western fandom for manga and anime continues to grow. Are we now seeing western examples influenced by the East? Are they any good or just copies?"
This is the panel where I will discuss how what I write makes a hell of a lot more sense than Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and bring up how Fred Gallagher and Dark Horse sold anime fandom back to Japan in the form of Megatokyo. (OMG, is that the Hiroaki Inoue who co-founded GAINAX?)

Friday @ 4 pm, P-516E
Manga Madness: Ada G. Palmer, Chandra Rooney, June M. Madeley, Tom Schaad, Feòrag NicBhrìde (M)
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Teen programming Bilingual
"What’s your favourite manga (for ages 11 - 18)? Is manga just Japanese comic books, or is it more?"
The saddest thing about this panel is that most 11–18 year old know more about manga than I do.

Saturday @ 9 am, P-512AE
Author Reading: Chandra Rooney, Catherine Petrin and Melanie Fletcher
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Come hear me read a scene or two selected from FRAGMENTS for maximum awesomeness. If I can be awake to read, you can be awake to listen. (I'm not above bribing people to attend by abusing my Starbucks employee discount.)

Saturday @ 3:30 pm, P-524A
The City of the Future: Anne Whiston Spirn, Cara C. Sloat, Chandra Rooney (M), Kristin Norwood, Mike Gallagher
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Human Culture
"Science fiction is a predominantly urban genre: we dream of gleaming spires and topless towers, of super highways and glass bridges. We imagine filthy dystopias of alienated pod dwellers, and utopian arcologies. What kinds of cities do we dream of today?"
Other than reading FRAGMENTS and stalking possibly seeing Neil Gaiman, this panel has me the most excited. We're going to talk about the Singularity and the recent trend towards sustainable living and whether there will even be cities in the future. I know this, because I get to moderate.

Sunday @ 12:30 pm, P-524B
The Best SF Manga: Chandra Rooney (M), June M. Madeley, Jus de Pomme, Jean-Luc Demers
Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
"Whether you're a fan or a newbie, the boom of interest in the manga may seem overwhelming. What are the landmarks that are essential reading? What's new and worth checking out?"
Given my dislike of genre limitations, this is going to be about kick-ass manga in general because I'm going to recommend Rurouni Kenshin regardless of it being a historical series.

Monday @ 10 am, P-522B
Spiritualism In Your Fiction: Using Tarot, Astrology, and Other Spiritual Means to Tap Creativity with Chandra Rooney, John A. Pitts, Trisha Wooldridge (M), Adeline Lamarre
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Creative Writing
"Spiritual writing or tapping into creativity. Do you want to put magic realism, astrology or tarot in your writing or just use them to increase your creativity and spiritual self?"
Last day of Anticipation + I know why you put me on this panel but SRSLY? = You should show up just to see what happens.


KT said...

SF Manga: The correct answer is 20th Century Boys. Or Pluto—

What am I saying? Mecha is SF. The correct answer is GURREN!

Chandra Rooney said...

Congratulations, you win!

Leigh said...

You'll be on all of these panels? Wow! Wish I could be there!!