Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Debut Day to Lisa Mantchev

Today marks the debut of Lisa Mantchev's Eyes Like Stars, the first Act in the Theatre Illuminata series. Congratulations, Lisa! This YA Fantasy about a theatre where every player from every play lives is generating tremendous buzz, and not just because of Jason Chan's gorgeous cover art.

It has Shakespeare and Pirates and Fairies and Theatre! How could it not be one of the best books ever?


That Girl said...

Now I know where I'm going to go on my afternoon break. Working next door to a bookstore FTW. [Overflowing TBR pile? What overflowing TBR pile?]

KT said...

This does look fantastic. Great website as well and the cover art is to die for. Going to have to pick this one up I think.

(Though I'm now distracted by there being a sequel to The Lincoln Lawyer, and the need to pick up every John Connolly 'Charlie Parker' book we don't already have because he is AWESOME.)