Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This made me feel like 904 years old.

But I refute #50. Doctorow is doing what he can.


Elizabeth M. Thurmond said...

My brain, it hurts...

John Evans said...

14. Shortwave radio is not going anywhere. Especially given the numbers stations! Amateur radio seems pretty healthy too.

17. There was never a time before reality TV. Although, back in my day, they called it "game shows".

19. Okay, I might miss the sound of a modem connecting, but I'm sure some people have that archived somewhere...

30. I have NES games. ;)

32. I'm pretty sure Street Fighter IV was released in arcades with joysticks. They're not gone yet.

49. Usenet's still around!

58. I have a friend who's into photography who took a giant bag full of film on her trip to...Asia? Europe? Somewhere.

62. Good riddance to getting lost! :P

78. I never had neat handwriting.

84. I won't miss trig or log tables, even though I know how to use them. Sure, they let me do complex calculations with just a paper and pencil, but really I'd rather use a calculator.

85. However, I do like knowing what a slide rule is for. You can really explain it to someone in about a minute, as long as they know what a logarithm is. ;)

96. I've gotten books from the NY Public Library to do mathematical research. And my alma mater has lots and lots of books. They're not going away yet. ;)