Friday, August 07, 2009

Dear Ethanael,

The coffee maker in the hotel room brews with resentment, and I worry this deep-seated hated of its previously abusive temporary masters will seep into the coffee. To produce the magical brew, one has to balance the chalice delicately so that it's half off the little heating pad.

Given that I don't have a great deal of luck with hotel coffee, Liz and I spent the day on an adventure for a Starbucks. It did not, however, become "my starbucks" because it's a licensed store. For the civilian, this makes no difference, but those of us in the green apron corporate army can only use our discounts at other corporate stores. (If it's a problem that I'm blogging about that, SBUX, then make our card work at all stores with our green aproned fellows and the post becomes irrelevant.) We purchased our delicious Pike Place Roast and brought it back to the hotel, so now we'll see if good coffee can coax the little demon machine into behaving.

Because, really, if I had to spew out the stuff produced by the filter the hotel provided? I'd be cranky, too.

I'll try to get a picture of the amazing sunflower gold stove for you for tomorrow.


PS You said you'd post while I was in Montreal, dude. You posted while I was en route and therefore are required to post again.

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