Thursday, August 13, 2009

I should post about Anticipation.

I ought to. But I'm processing, sorting through the multitude of thoughts and trying to distill it down to something that's not only interesting for those of you who weren't there but also of meaning.

There's many little observations that could be expanded into larger commentary, but that requires energy I'm not feeling today and focus that I haven't been able to maintain. Burnt it out doing the hyper-focus that happens when one is on a panel. Yesterday may have been the first full day in a week that I've been honestly, perfectly relaxed.

The words are calling, and I shall go find out what they want to become. However, before I do, E has revealed to me that he discovered this thing in my absence called "twitter." God help us all.

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Sarah K said...

You know, this might be the push over the edge for me. I may have to set up a twitter account now. *sigh*