Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sometimes I get the impression that people believe I seek out ideas that are innovative or different.

I don't. I'm not trying to be different; what I'm doing is familiar—to me.

I've given up working out why it doesn't seem familiar to anyone else.


John Evans said...

It's like I always say, "True success is being paid for your insanity".

I do seek out the innovative and different, but I appreciate the familiar as well. I think a lot of creative work gets done like that—a foundation of the familiar, with excursions into uncharted territory. For example, Zombies Need Love Too! The unfamiliar is the idea of zombies and how they might organize themselves into a "nation". The familiar? Quests, equipment, web-based gaming and alienation.

Actually, I think I recall Stephen R. Donaldson talking about this same topic in the Author's Note at the end of The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story.

Chandra Rooney said...

I would love to be paid for my insanity (again.) :)

How is the facebook game doing?

Your guestblog will be up for tomorrow.