Thursday, April 08, 2010

As I said on twitter, I'm sitting in Art Deco Heaven—AKA the Waldorf=Astoria lobby, where the wifi is free. It means I have to make an effort to come check my email, but it's pretty chill and there's currently some live piano+vocal music happening in one of the lounges that's providing lovely bgm.

This is probably the most relaxed I've been all day, which was spent in a hellish customs line and airplane/port limbo since about 7:30 this morning. We've already walked past St Bart's and visited the amazing Grand Central Station.

Tomorrow is insane, as three days worth of touring gets squeezed into one. I'm headed back up to the room for a shower and to get to sleep.


relliott4 said...

It sounds wonderful. Enjoy your trip!

Leigh said...

Have a fantastic time in NYC, Chandra! I'll enjoy it vicariously through you as you blog about it. :)