Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today marks the release of Radiant Shadows, the fourth and penultimate book in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely/Tales of Faerie series. Congratulations, Aunty Melissa!

It's also Antiphrastic's birthday, so happy to you. I heard she got Beatles Rock Band...

I spent the day getting reviews up on Community, working on signage for Kimberly Derting's signing, and wondering how Spider Girl got her powers. (It's a mysterious mystery that I realize Wikipedia could easily solve for me.)

I've been running the numbers, and I'd like to share something with you. Let's posit that this manuscript I'm drafting is going to be 75,000 words. (Honestly, I don't know. The fox one was longer because it started out as an adult novel, so I'm guessing about 75 kilowords as FRAGMENTS was about 73.) If I write 1000 words a day—a very manageable goal—then it would take 64 days to complete. In other words, I would have a draft by the end of July.

I'd better get cracking.

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