Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone revisited

Because it wasn't actually Doctor Saturday this weekend, and because a friend was having a bad day and needed cheering, I spent tonight rewatching "Time of Angels" & "Flesh and Stone."

The second time through it does make a great deal more sense, and explains away a couple of the issues that I had with the first viewing. Mostly they're things that @antiphrastic and I have been puzzling over since "Flesh and Stone" aired last Saturday.

They shot at the angels to provide light, and the Doctor "assumed" that the angels were distracted by the giant crack in time and would react to Amy by instincts. (Which still suggests that angels don't actually know when people are looking at them, but at least acknowledges that the Doctor can't say that for certain.)

As for what he told Amy when she was seven, I think it was a reference to how when he was leaving her and told her he'd come back, she said people always said that and he informed her that he wasn't people, he was the Doctor. (Ergo, he would be coming back and she needed to trust him.)


Sarah K said...

I am maintaining that when the Doctor came back to tell Amy it wasn't what he said that was the point but that she remember it, it wasn't the Doctor that had just left with River. It was a future timey Doctor who was frantically looking around to make sure he wasn't noticed being in two places at once. I can't imagine the show neglecting something such as his tweedy jacket being on for that scene when he lost it only moments before. It's hard to tell, but it's definitely there.

Since the whole point of the Crack in Time is unwriting events, and there was a great deal of forgetting people going on just after that conversation, I think telling her to remember is meant to be a clue.

Also, I rewatched the Eleventh Hour, and there is definitely a scene there in which 7 year old Amelia brightens because she hears the TARDIS coming back. Why would that be there if he never showed up?

I'm just anxious to see how this all plays out.

Sarah K said...

I started to write out some reasoning for the angels 'not knowing when people are looking at them', but I erased it. In my head it totally worked. Out of my head it was an incredibly leaky bucket.

Chandra Rooney said...

Are you sure he had a tweedy jacket when he came back to see Amy? Because I was looking for a tweedy jacket and that might be the ONE scene that I couldn't tell if he was wearing it.

Sarah K said...

I just checked again, to be sure. Yes. He is wearing his jacket. It's hard to tell because the scene is filmed so very close up, but his jacket is on.

Like I said, I wouldn't have known to look if some other more observant viewer hadn't posted something about it online.