Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tuesday that might as well be a Thursday

Today is a day of epic celebration, for today two fabulous author ladies have new releases!

Vicki Pettersson's Fifth Sign of the Zodiac Cheat the Grave is on the shelves, and this one finds a mortal Joanna Archer struggling to find her place among the supernatural side of Las Vegas. Can a mortal be the Kairos? Is there a place between the Shadows and the Light? You'll have to read Cheat the Grave to find out!

Lisa Mantchev's Second Act of the Theatre Illuminata Perchance to Dream: This darling YA follows the adventures of Beatrice "Bertie" Shakespeare Smith, her Sephiroth-look-alike Ariel, and her Fab Faerie Foursome as they leave The Theatre in search of a way to save Nate and discover who Bertie's father is.

Don't forget that it's #Cupcakeathon today in honor of Perchance to Dream! I've got to go to the store and get the mixings to make some fairy-pleasing Coconut Chocolate-Chip cupcakes.

Also, it's Towel Day—so whatever you do, don't panic. I've dug out my little Totoro hand-towel that I travel with. (There is an actual reason I have a totoro hand towel for traveling, and it involves a Christmas in Japan and the fact that there are no hand dryers in train station washrooms.)

Which begs the question, does this mean I have to make 42 cupcakes?

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