Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Amy's Choice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a sci fi show, must be in want of an episode questioning its in-show reality. Few do it better than the Buffy the Vampire Slayer one, but Simon Fye wanted to at least nod to the troupe while dressing a wee funny man in various Doctor ensembles.

My favorite: the Ten blue suit and glasses during the "your brain is completely see through!" scene.

Because the mechanics of a concept like this are fairly well understood, the episode holds water. It even accomplishes some fun bits and some truly great emotional bits. The Doctor and Amy holding hands while they drive the van is brilliant.

While the episode may across as a bit of a filler, it deals with the whole unnecessary Doctor-Companion Potential More Kissy Face angle. The episode also shows why Amy makes the choice she does, and because it's Doctor Who and not Gossip Girl we can trust this issue is now resolved. (Or as resolved as anything can be for our impulsive Amy.)

I did, briefly, question if the Doctor knew what was going on from the get-go and why he allowed it to continue—or if he was all "Whoa, wait. I saw this fake Valeyard plotline in a Dr Who comic. But we didn't bring any time-sucking crustacean-bug things on board... How is Donna, btw? She was like training me to deal with Amy. OMG, old people zombies!" I'm sure when the Doctor worked it out, he allowed things to play through because he knew Amy needed to make the choice. (I could, however, be projecting Ethanael's characterization on 11. I get them confused sometimes because they're both purposely insane.)

It is always appropriate to reduce people to piles of sand, because that is an awesome visual. And bonus points for reinforcing the Hansel & Gretel knowledge that old people should not be trusted—unless they're the Doctor. Serious, tho, Old People Zombies was my favorite part.

My least favorite part was Rory's ponytail, because it was actually a mullet. Mullets are never ever cool. Ever. I am taking away the cool points Rory earned fighting space fish vampires with a broom because of the mullet-tail.

Final thoughts: Was this not an obvious casting opportunity for David Tennant with a goatee? Perhaps I am the only one who feels this way, so I'll keep holding out for that cracking all the universes to allow a 10.5 and 11 smackdown-then-team-up-Marvel-style.

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