Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Hungry Earth

The pressing question on my mind is what are those rusted metal wing-weapon things that they keep in the chapel? (See above right corner.) Potential rusted metal weapons in the same room that you're keeping a hostile Lizard Girl? Sounds like a bad plan, guys.

This episode was written by Chris Chibnall. He wrote "42" from the Doctor Who series with Martha, an episode for each series of Life on Mars and Torchwood's second opener "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" AKA When Jack Snogged Spike. (It also had a blowfish driving a sports car in it.)

• A delicious twist of not actual aliens, but just a civilization of homo reptilians who predate humanity. (Awesome, except every time someone said "homo reptilian" I giggled like a 14 year old.)

• The episode also featured a kick ass graveyard—not like the kind that Nobody Owens lives in, but still a great little one and some of our heroes ran around this graveyard in the dark and were chased by scary shadowy lizard people.

• There was also some Doctor and Rory bromance, and I suspect there are a lot of slash fanfics that explore the deeper meaning of this.

• I want those wireless glowing headphones that kid had.

• Hey, kid, you're not dyslexic. Your brain's just hard-wired for Ancient Greek.

The Gruffalo is badass. If The Gruffalo also turns out to have some greater thematic relevance to this two-parter, I will be very impressed.

Now the stuff that leaves me wondering:

• Would the Doctor really let Ethan—I mean Elliot wander off on his own? This seems highly irresponsible considering that the Doctor had just finished wigging out over losing Amy to the ground.

• Also, the Doctor has a sling shot—which means that soon we shall see him fight zombies with a cricket bat because the no weapons thing is totally just a rule he enforces on other people.

• Future-time-line Rory & Amy seemed to be to current-time-line Rory & Amy.

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Sarah K said...

I reserve comment until you post about the second half. Because I honestly can't think of anything to say right now.