Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vincent and the Doctor

Sometimes you watch things and they're sad for all the wrong reasons. They're sad because the things that happen in them are completely unnecessary and come across as emotional ploys. You're left more angry than upset.

Other times you watch something and the emotional aspect is genuine and the reasons for the emotions are honest. The show is sad in the best possible way, and you feel like you've grown. Taken a step closer to understanding the world and people in it.

What happened to Rory in Cold Blood was the first kind of sad, but Vincent and the Doctor is the second.

Like Amy Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite painter. (That's not a unique trait, I know.) Starry Night was the first painting I ever saw (in a sixth grade art textbook) that made me feet something. Who doesn't love this crazy genius? Then add in 11, who is another kind of brilliant madman, and you get what's probably the best episode of the season.

Yes. The best. Better than angels, because there is no need for a giant crack in time and space. Tony Curran was amazing as Van Gogh and Bill Nighy played an understated but wonderful part. I am almost convinced bowties are cool. Almost.

So bravo, Richard Curtis. Bravo.

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Sarah K said...

You know what's funny? The painting of the cafe? My grandma's had a print of that in her living room, on the wall next to the door by the vestibule, for as long as I can remember. I've always loved it. If asked, I'd tell anyone it was the first painting I ever loved.

And until that episode, I had no idea it was a Van Gogh. I should have, it's obvious when you look at it. But I didn't know, because I never thought about it, because it was always one of those things that was just there.

I agree with you about this possibly being the best episode so far.