Thursday, July 01, 2010

End of June

Happy Canada Day!

Also Happy Release Day to Karen Kincy and her debut Other. Karen is this great young author (it's ok to call you "young," right?) who I met a few years ago on livejournal. (We bonded over fox spirits.) Having a read an older draft of Other, I'm so excited to get this book and see what the manuscript has become. So if you want to read a book with a mystery element, great characters, a cool Pacific Northwest small town setting, and lots of shape-shifting magic... this one's for you!

As for me, I've now got approximately 38,000 words written for the magpie book (that's actually what my agent calls it, although it does have a proper proposed title.) Which is the follow-up to TALE. We'll be going out in September with TALE, as I didn't want to go out during the summer. Mostly because I'd like to have the magpie book drafted when we do go on submission. (Just to make my life easier.)

At 38,000 we (the characters and I) are well and proper into the meandering middle of the book. Everyone has a span in the drafting process where the story is difficult, and mine always falls somewhere between the 25,000 to 45,000 word mark. Once I'm over that 50,000 word mark I know I can finish the draft.

Word Total goal for end of July: 60,000.

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Sarah K said...

I know you can finish the draft, even if you are in the uncertain middle. I have confidences!

I'm really looking forward to reading Other.