Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall brings the flood

It's looking like a good thing I had that vacation in September, because October is busy.

First of all, the secret project I've been involved in since mid-August launches this weekend. Some people already know what it is, but there will finally be an URL to share. I think once it goes public it'll feel a lot more... well, real. So more on that next week when I can do a dedicated post.

The Tarot Cafe library tour for the TNRD has five stops. We're still waiting on a date for Logan Lake; Lytton, Barrier, and the two locations in Kamloops have been confirmed. Lytton will be my first school visit, which is terribly exciting.

Our times in Kamloops:

North Kamloops Library
Oct 20 2010
7 pm

Downtown Library
Oct 26 2010
7 pm

I am seriously considering going as a zombie for Halloween, because I may be shambling and muttering braaaaaaaaaaains by the end of October.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, the new job ticks along in the background but there's not yet an URL for it—and I'm thinking I'm probably not supposed to talk about it until I can go "LOOK. SHINY. WORDS."

I'll soon be heading off for the airport to embark on my vacation/clean out storage in Los Angeles. Will return in a couple weeks.

Last night, I was trying to remember when I last met a friend that I'm supposed to see when I was there. I was certain it was last year. No. It was February, because this is the year that is three years long. Oh yeah 'nothing happened' this year. What a delusion. I'm amazed I haven't passed out from exhaustion over the sheer amount of STUFF that has happened.

I guess that's how it goes when you're focused on one goal that hasn't been accomplished yet, you fail to see all the other ones that have.

The dreaded Crow Masters have not yet released me, but I escaped and wrote about 3000 words for the Dream Eaters, which means my September goal of having 3 strong chapters and an outline for that project is likely to be achieved.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

September Goals

I'm counting down until I'm on vacation in Los Angeles, and stubbornly ignoring the steady creeping closer to my birthday. Started a new job a couple weeks ago, and I should be able to talk about it soon. Definitely in another couple weeks.

It's now September, which means it's time to set the Monthly Goals.
• 1/2 through the existing material I had for EIGHT FOR WISHING. So another 30,000 words to re-hash and then it will be new material.
It feels right. Finally. Like it fits with the book that came before it and it's telling stories that are relevant to one another instead of ones that don't want to play nicely together.

Goal: Writing fresh words beyond where the re-hashing ends by the end of September.

• 2800 words in battle mech book 1. It is not the Victorian Boarding School one anymore—that's book two. Realized this is a trilogy and will be working on outlining the 3 book arcs this month. The trilogy and all three books need titles. Or at least something better than "book one" for the file name.
I still think it's a bigger idea than I am a writer, but I'm not getting any better by not writing it.

Goal: first book outlined by end of September.

• 800 words into THE LOST ART OF CONSUMING DREAMS. So far the greatest stumbling block has been what colored shoes a well-dressed monster pairs with a gray pinstripped suit. (The answer settled on was: Shiny black.)
It wants to be written, and I am eager to see what shape it takes.
Goal: 3 strong chapters and an outline to show M by end of September. Hopefully she can tell me if it's YA or not.

Books to be delighted by this month:

1) Plain Kate by Erin Bow: Scholastic Canada is pushing this one, and 60 pages in I am wholeheartedly agreeing with their decision. Wondrous Eastern European medieval setting. Lyrical prose. A girl who's good with a carving knife. An albino witch. Gypsys and a talking cat.

2) The paperback for Enchanted Glass.

3) Dexter is Delicious. Yes, he is. (You aren't reading the Dexter novels? Really? Well, you'd better start or we can't be friends anymore.)

There are others: Paranormalcy, Halo, Firelight... but I'm on the fence about them.
Paranormalcy sounds interesting because it's funny. Firelight because it's dragons. Halo... well, it's pure cover love. That's all. But it's a book about angels with a really pretty cover and I have yet to be thrilled by any book about angels with a pretty cover in the Teen section.