Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall brings the flood

It's looking like a good thing I had that vacation in September, because October is busy.

First of all, the secret project I've been involved in since mid-August launches this weekend. Some people already know what it is, but there will finally be an URL to share. I think once it goes public it'll feel a lot more... well, real. So more on that next week when I can do a dedicated post.

The Tarot Cafe library tour for the TNRD has five stops. We're still waiting on a date for Logan Lake; Lytton, Barrier, and the two locations in Kamloops have been confirmed. Lytton will be my first school visit, which is terribly exciting.

Our times in Kamloops:

North Kamloops Library
Oct 20 2010
7 pm

Downtown Library
Oct 26 2010
7 pm

I am seriously considering going as a zombie for Halloween, because I may be shambling and muttering braaaaaaaaaaains by the end of October.


Sarah K said...

Exciting! I will make sure to tweet the dates when they are closer :)

Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, Sarah!