Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, the new job ticks along in the background but there's not yet an URL for it—and I'm thinking I'm probably not supposed to talk about it until I can go "LOOK. SHINY. WORDS."

I'll soon be heading off for the airport to embark on my vacation/clean out storage in Los Angeles. Will return in a couple weeks.

Last night, I was trying to remember when I last met a friend that I'm supposed to see when I was there. I was certain it was last year. No. It was February, because this is the year that is three years long. Oh yeah 'nothing happened' this year. What a delusion. I'm amazed I haven't passed out from exhaustion over the sheer amount of STUFF that has happened.

I guess that's how it goes when you're focused on one goal that hasn't been accomplished yet, you fail to see all the other ones that have.

The dreaded Crow Masters have not yet released me, but I escaped and wrote about 3000 words for the Dream Eaters, which means my September goal of having 3 strong chapters and an outline for that project is likely to be achieved.

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