Monday, December 06, 2010

Dear Publishing,

I think we need to go on a break. You see, I met someone else. It's this new draft. The truth is: We've been having an obsessive, passionate love affair all through November that satisfies me in ways you haven't for months.

Don't think I haven't noticed you stumbling around with other authors, coming back here smelling like their aftershave or coated in their lipgloss with your sheepish grin and I love you, baby, we just need to keep trying smile.

Haven't I always overlooked your transgressions? Forgiven you and continued to nurture the fragile hope that we could have real relationship one day? But it's the holidays and I can't take the look in our friends eyes at the Christmas party when they ask so, any news in that tone of polite obligation.

Let's give it a couple months to find ourselves and follow our bliss. I'll contemplate leaving you for good—perhaps becoming a writer for a different medium, like comics or television. But don't worry. No doubt come February you'll show up with a box of half-eaten chocolates and I'll take you back, just like I always do.

xoxo Me