Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy [Pon Pon Pon] News

Dude, I am having a good day. Like a really good day.

First of all: I got to blog about The Amazing Spider-Man trailer for work. Yeah, that was my job. It's right up there with when I got to blog about Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode.

And speaking of jobs... if you've spoken to me in the past couple weeks I've been extra-neurotic because I applied in early July for a social media internship position with Indigo Books & Music.

This afternoon I was offered the 6 month contract. Which means I'll be working in Head Office for six months as a corporate webslinger. Or something. I'm going to say corporate webslinger because it fits the ongoing Spider-Man metaphor and I'm totally all about extending metaphors. (In fact, nothing would please me more than if I had business cards that said "Chandra Rooney, Corporate Webslinger." I may have to just settle for putting it in my twitter profile.)

Anyway, I have to move to Toronto in two weeks.

Which is kind of terrifying—although I promise it's the best kind of terrifying, but it's still terrifying nonetheless and I'm not going to bs about it and pretend that it isn't. But there are some pretty cool people in Toronto already and now there will be 3 more amazing people joining them, as two of my coworkers are starting university/college in the fall on Toronto campuses.

And in celebration... here is the scariest Japanese music video ever for your viewing pleasure: