Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I wish Totoro was my neighbour-- Debs and Errol

This is a good good thing and more people should know about it.

Debs and Errol are a comedy music duo of awesomeness here in Toronto. I've been to two of their performances and have left both feeling immensely better about the world in general.

You should get their album because it'll make you happy.


Errol said...

Ooooh! Huzzah! Thanks so much for this post! I linked to this in one my blog posts! :D

Anonymous said...

ummm random question....
i saw ur article

nd i was wondering..... so will there be a 2012 Teen Book Awards??

Unknown said...

I was just wondering - I recently read your article:

And I'm being to know, will there be Teen Book Awards this yearr!?!?!

for taking thev time to read and reply (that is if you do)

Unknown said...

I saw your article:

And i was just wondering are they having a Teen Book Award this year!?

thnks for answering

Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, Errol!

Hey Anon Friendly: Your best bet for information regarding my employers and their programs is to direct your question via an official social channel like @chaptersindigo, @IndigoTeenBlog or on the Chapters Indigo Facebook.

I'm happy to let them know you've asked about the Teen Read Awards, but I can't deliver a response to you when your question is left in an anonymous comment on my personal blog.