Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Writing again or at least making the effort. April was a rough month, left a bad taste in my mouth, and its echoes reached into May. It's the not-writing, I know, that causes most of the ennui or angst or general spite and envy of those unconsumed by ennui. Revising for two months straight (different projects) and the waiting and no no no not us we weren't right for this were also big factors.

But I breathe deep and again say thank you to every editor who offered feedback or a response, because it's all worth seeing and considering and sorting through to decide what is of value and what is simply a difference of opinion.

Today is a day for being grateful for what I have and again, again, always again, seeking the patience to wait for what will be mine.

I'd tell you what I'm writing, but the moment I do it runs off and doesn't want to play anymore. My drafts are terribly shy things. So I'll tell you what I'm not writing. I am not writing a story of a seismologist who falls in love with a humanoid Midgard serpent—although that's just awful enough to be awesome, and if I keep joking about it then I might end up writing it. The problem being that I know far less about Norse mythology than I thought I did. I may only really know just enough to point out No, Marvel, You're Doing it Wrong.

Marvel, seriously, can we talk for a moment? The movie you need to make is junior science bro Peter Parker joining science bros Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to form the trio of adventuring science bros. There can be explosions and aliens and heroes... but also, they could just eat various ethnic foods while digging through people's sheds to look for abandoned Asgard/Hydra/Stark technology. They'd call Loki to confer over whether or not what they'd found was a significant threat to the Earth. You can package it like it's American Pickers with Marvel Science.

I am also not writing a near-future dystopian tale where people scavenge the ruins of publishing houses in Toronto for ARCs, as ARCs are the only currency that society can function on. Isn't that fantastic? The notion of books that maybe never saw actual production because of a terrible apocalyptic event (which then caused the destruction of all industry and not just publishing) being the only thing of real value. Most of these scavengers can't even read, but the faint remembrance of literacy is still imbued with importance. They know these funny square objects with the lines and lines of symbols mean something because the people holed up in the former U of T buildings will exchange the ARCs for various items like food, clothing, and supplies.

Oh, one of the scavengers who can read longs to be a seismologist. She falls in love with a humanoid Midgard serpent ruling Toronto because the gods took over post-rapture. He speaks exclusively in the Ryan Gosling meme and judges a costume contest at a fancy dress ball that determines all the political decisions made in the city while bemoaning that his dad, Loki, really is kind of a jerk for causing this whole Ragnarok thing because Middy had been quite content to squeeze his coils around the earth and stuff.

Also, there are terrifying raccoon people who stalk the streets and bite not-raccoon people's faces off or do other things that are generally made of spite and malice.

Wow, that's more plot than I have for the thing I am writing.

PS Science Bros, Marvel. Consider it. It's the movie I want instead of Thor 2.

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KT said...

I would read it.

(Also I would watch the hell out if Marvel Science Bros. Especially if it was kid-Loki as their consultant.)