Sunday, August 12, 2012

And then there was 10 (K)

Before I share metrics, as the post title really reveals the important details, I have to comment on something that I really don't enjoy seeing in a book I read.

Girl: Hey, you're kind of a stalker.
Guy: I'm just trying to make you love me.
Girl: Oh, well then it's ok. Let's kiss lots because we are obviously soul mates.

This is a little bit of harsh reality, but you can't make someone love you. You can show you love them; you can display your affections through actions or speak them in words. But you do not have power over how someone else feels. You can say and do things in an attempt to change their feelings, but that's still about you and your feelings. It's not about theirs. They will decide they love you; maybe it will be partially because you love them, but there are hopefully going to be other reasons, too.

It's comforting to believe you have control over the world and other people, and we all need to feel comforted. But go get a hug from someone who thinks you're neat instead of pining after someone who doesn't.

I'm going to climb off my soapbox now.

Words:  3038
Total: 10,136
The doubt: I should get a plot for this, as at this rate I'll soon be in need of one. Also, much of the redraft is going to be spent crafting these sentences better.
But I wrote this anyway:  
         No, it’s a secret that wants to remain mine for a while longer, until I can think of the way to express it to her without it being too much, too fast.
            It’s not that I can’t imagine my life without her; I just don’t like the way it looks.

Here is a song that is kind of appropriate for the 3000 words I wrote.

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Lesliejm said...

Dude. I love that soapbox. I consider it my solemn duty as an English teacher to tell girls how freaking creepy stalker "love" is, and that you can't make someone love you. (I now have that creepy stalker Sting song in my head. Which isn't that bad except for the creepy stalker stuff.)

Congrats on 10,000, too!