Thursday, August 09, 2012

It is late and I should be sleeping, but there is something I am desperate to tell you. We talk, we creative types, about the importance of using our art as coping as processing as language and communication. We talk a lot about the output, about putting our art into the world. We talk a lot about putting inspiration back in to ourselves so we can continue to put art out.

But what we sometimes don't talk about, and it's vitally important to our well-being and the good of the world, is the importance of enjoying other people's art. Not for inspiration, not to give us ideas or reactions but for the simplicity of giving us feelings.

Whether they are good feelings or bad feelings or all the feelings. There is a world full of people doing what they love, so surround yourself with them. Find them, appreciate what they do, and don't worry about what that means for you and your path and where you are in your life.

Just for a song or a book or a movie, for a smile or the time it takes to click on an instagram link. Appreciate. Let it fill you up. Hold it inside. You can do something with it later, but for those heartbeats just let yourself feel it.

Good night, city full of talented people. Thanks for the past twelve months, whether they were good or bad. I probably won't able to tell until it's all just stories told about that first year in Toronto.

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