Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ok, so instead of writing tonight I finished reading that book I had to read and then spent way too much time making bad jokes on Twitter. Possibly because my brain had nothing more to give after yesterday.

Also, I am questioning if there is a line in what I wrote yesterday that someone remarked to me in conversation. I am capable of writing lines without conscious intent that just work, but this one sounds familiar. And I don't like borrowing from conversations unless it was something I said. It's a trust thing.

I only wonder if it's happened because very good things have happened recently to people in my life and made them happy and it's wonderful. It is so good to see the happy. Spread that contagion around. Light some more candles from the single flame or whatever it was Buddha said.

Anyway, I could just be over-analyzing because I'm tired and my brain's spinning circles in lieu of productive thought.

There are already things in the 10,000 words I have that won't be in the next draft. (I'm pretty sure something else from yesterday later in that chapter was something I said, but it's filler/lead up dialogue that is going to change.) But I liked this line. It worked. And if it doesn't belong to someone else, then I'd like to keep it. And if it's not mine, well, then I'll find a different way for the character to say it.

I may have to ask Leah Bobet for a threat for the Tuesday wordcount.

Total: 10,411
Words: 275
The doubt: Send plot, because this needs forward motion.

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