Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sunday Metrics
A Forest That Eats Your Face
Words: 1185
Total: 3543
The doubt: What is quickly summarized in an outline is not always so easily written in the draft.

Also, apparently the main protagonist doesn't like to speak—which means the challenge of this book will be learning not to rely on dialogue to carry scenes. Third person narration that doesn't read like exposition for everyone? Well, I always say I want to learn something new with each manuscript I write. (The one previous to this was taught me that an emotionally honest story resonates far deeper than a clever one. Also, that my agent doesn't like it when fictional kids are put in car trunks.)

But I wrote this anyway: Sorrow had hazy, half-formed memories of mountains; his dreams were haunted by feathers and songs no instrument in the palace could accurately replicate, so it was likely the king spoke true. No other explanation had been offered, and Sorrow found questions in general to be bothersome things.

I went out for brunch with a friend and her boyfriend, and we spent a few hours having intelligent but very irrelevant conversations. (At one point, we were considering the ramifications of a parallel world where the moon was really made of cheese.) When you spend a couple hours at ease, with that quiet welcoming happiness that envelops a table and hushes attempts to be discontent, it's as restorative as a full eight hours of sleep.

My friend would probably argue this feeling of contentment was more a result of the Hollandaise sauce.

I also built a pinboard that has the Best Books of 2012 I've read. That is all the ones I've given 4 or 5 star ratings to on Goodreads.

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Leigh Purtill said...

Chandra, you must post the results of your moon-cheese alternate universe. I'm dying to know how that works. :)