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The Lodger/The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

You know what's back on Saturday? Doctor Who! You know who never actually finished her recaps for the fifth season and completely didn't bother to do ones for the sixth? Me! Why didn't I? Well, I was watching them dutifully along with the airing on Space and then Space was, like, late to air them and someone had them from CyperSpace so we just watched them early... and didn't recap so that it wouldn't spoil for people who were still watching them on BBC America or something.

So here, years later, are recaps and thoughts on the last three episodes of Doctor Who, Series 5. You're welcome.

The Lodger

The Lodger was the hysterical companion-lite episode that featured the Doctor showing up a random dude named Craig's flat, giving him a sack full of money, and declaring that the Doctor was Craig's new flatmate.

It was The Odd Couple, but with an English bloke and an alien who looks like another English bloke.

But it was very funny and there was a joke about a toothbrush, I believe and some soccer football time and then a headbutt of passing information. Because that's how English dudes share wisdom: Headbutts.

 But it was basically about how Craig never wanted anything or to go anywhere or be anyone special so the evil aliens that lived in the fake flat above him couldn't get him and his contentment with his normal life saved the day. Mostly, the reason it was so damn funny was because it juxtaposed this mad man in a box who has the ability to go anywhere in all of time and space just playing soccer football and having showers and talking to cats like the Chrestomanci. Totally normal stuff. Lesson for writings: normalcy is funny.


The Pandorica Opens

This episode was fan-frigging-tastic, and not just because it featured Rory. Well, ok, mostly because it featured Rory. But it also set-up the two-part season finale that proved Steven Moffat did have a plan and the inconsistencies were intentional.

The Pandorica was this crazy impenetrable prison thing that contained the worst monster and scariest criminal in the history of FOREVER. It is like the kind of science you do not go poke. So, of course, the Doctor wanted to go and poke it.

Did I mention Rory? As a Centurion. Then it was about how everything was being put together by Amy from bits and pieces of her thoughts. And basically all the enemies of the Doctor showed up and were like "BOO" and he spun in a circle on a rock and was badass. And the Pandorica opened and nothing terrible was inside, because it was meant as a prison for... THE DOCTOR. OH SNAP. And he totally walked right into that trap. (Causality, Peter Parker, that's what happens when you touch the science.)

Also: Rory. But it turned out he was Rory made of Living Plastic and he had a hand gun and he shot Amy after the Doctor got trapped inside the Pandorica and the episode ends with all the stars and galaxies going out one by one, because of a reason that totally made sense when I watched this two years ago.

Also... SPOILER, when you end the entire universe in your first season as a show-runner, you kind of can't top that. So don't try to be more clever or bigger and bolder... you ended the universe. Ok? Ok. Thanks. That's a note from the future.

The Big Bang

So after everyone and everything you know and love dies... it doesn't. Because the Doctor had a clever plan. As another Note From The Future: The Doctor Has A Clever Plan really only fools us once. After that, we're pretty sure you're going to pull something.

But in this instance of it being the first time and emotions are running high and Rory has sat outside the Pandorica for nearly 2000 years and waited for Amy... shut up. I'm totally not crying. It's allergies.

But yeah, then the Doctor reboots the universe and tries to close all the cracks in time and space and wears a fez and it's just brilliant. River disagrees about the fez.

As the Doctor is closing all the cracks in time and space, he realizes he will have to be closed on the other side. But he gets Amy to use her brain-powers of having lived by that crack in her wall for all her life to remember him back into existence and it's every thematic thing ever that makes me happy. Mostly because she remembers him back into existence at her wedding reception to no longer plastic-but-still-awesome Rory.

And the Doctor comes back and he's dressed fancy and there's cake and dancing and the Ponds go off to have adventures with him. ADVENTURES!

I tip my hat to Steven Moffat for this one. Really, this episode made it so that I could look back on this series and see that construction-wise, it's perfect. Individual pieces may not work super great or may not have been my favorites... but as a whole? Wow, what got pulled off here is amazing.

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