Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wide Awake

A Forest That Eats Your Face
Words: 630
The doubt: Most of this is finessing what was already there—just adding flesh to bones so the story still hasn't really gotten going.
But I wrote this anyway: To the Stars within the Capital, magpies were pretty pets; the villagers and farmers and travelers who had seen them in the wild knew the complacency was only feather-deep. Magpies had not forgotten what they had been before the Stars tamed them, and memories were closer in the borderlands between the Heavenly Kingdom and the realms beyond.

Requiem's Tale of Woe and Jokes Pt 2
Words: 523 
Total: 11,527
The doubt: I'm just trying to get through this muddling chapter of all the feelings everyone has so the plot could move forward. Also I spent the day out and about, but still didn't accomplish all my errands.
But I wrote this anyway: The air is wrong when I come to; it smells of a party that ended too late for anyone to want to clean up. It feels like old money being wasted.

I have a confession, the only reason I hope someone publishes Requiem's Tale of Woe and Jokes is so that the internet will be inspired and make me a "Call Me Maybe" parody. Yep. Those are my ambitions. Not suitcases of money or film adaptations. I just want someone to realize that pop song parodies and Requiem go together like high school and musicals.

I told this to a friend today, and she made up a parody chorus on the spot. Because she is awesome.

Hey we just met
And this is crazy
Do you eat dreams?
They're very tasty

In my mind, this is all filmed and edited well by passionate fans—or more likely just people I know who decide it sounds like it'd be awesome—and we find attractive people to be in character and run around Toronto for a couple days while we all have an insane amount of fun. The publishing comes in so that there are more than 3 people who find the final video as amazingly awesome and funny as we do.

Here's a Katy Perry video! It's like you get to experience my playlist one video at a time. I like this one because it's a misleadingly catchy song about being disillusioned. Pop songs and Requiem.

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