Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is post is not about sharks

So I was going to write a blog post. It was a really poignant post about….something. Not sharks. Definitely something other than sharks. And I logged into blogger to write this post, because the idea grabbed my hand and was like “please write a post about me! I am so important” and I was like “ok, idea, will do.”

Only, I got distracted wondering if someone had read my teaser Tuesday snippet and left a comment—but I got distracted again by noticing that someone had found this blog looking for "papal daleks." I didn't think this was an unusual thing to search for. Somewhere on this blog is an image of daleks with pope hats photoshopped on them. I distinctly remember this is a thing that exists and that I created it.

But I have no idea why I created it or what on Doctor Who inspired me to do such a thing. There must have been a reason, because I know the image is old enough that I wouldn't meaninglessly photoshop it. Do I meaninglessly photoshop things now? No, but tumblr exists now so someone else has probably created a GIF for 80% of the jokes I'd make. This was back in 2011, when we had to make our memes.

Eager to solve this mystery, I searched "papal daleks" on a search engine and I did not see my blog come up in the results. Nor did I see any images of multiple daleks in pope hats, which is another keyword search that brought someone here.

Then I had a phone call. So I haven't managed to find out why I photoshopped pope hats on a trio of daleks. I know there was three in the photo. It was like a holy trinity of papal daleks. (I'm also not surprised I just wrote that. I'm really tired right now.)

Ok. I searched this blog for daleks in pope hats. I found this. It doesn't explain why I made papal daleks. It was apparently funnier than a joke about the new daleks looking like iPods.

So basically:

1) I don't remember what I was going to blog about.

2) I once photoshopped pope hats on Daleks and it had something to do with Doctor Who episode The Victory of The Daleks.

3) I still hold the opinion the not-so-new daleks look like not-so-new-anymore iPods.

Anyway, if you happen to know what I was going to blog about tonight or why I photoshopped pope hats on daleks, feel free to enlighten me.

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Sarah K said...

I can't remember why you put the pope hats on the Daleks, but I remember being at least quasi-responsible for the idea.